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Referencing and Sources (Part One)

Like many folk I use Wikipedia quite a lot and think it’s a wonderful resource for finding out a reasonable amount about a particular subject. Clearly is falls short of having a primary or original sources of information or, for that matter, a second hand source.

A good new feature in Wikipedia is that pages come with a cite this link.

This gives you the information you need, all formatted correctly, if you want to refer to something when you are writing. There are different styles of doing this but they all boil down to saying where you are getting your information from with enough detail that someone else could check it.

For example if I was using some information about working dogs from the Wikipedia artile I could use the Harvard style of citation which would look like this in my bibliography.

See Wikipedia, Working dog, (as of Jul. 29, 2006, 03:16 GMT).

Community Minded

I am doing an assignment that I need photos of my community for. As it happened I decided I was thinking of a social community so I took a bunch of photos myself of the people I see most weeks.

However just now I searched Flickr for local photos and got a heap of results with terrific photos of local places.

Just doing this assignment has got me thinking that community can mean a bunch of things ranging across people, interests, geography and activities. If you had to choose ten photos for your community what would be in them?

Mine was people but it would just as easily be places, people or simply meaningful objects.

Mystery Visitors

One of the nice things about, where this blog is hosted, is that it gives me nicely presented stats about how many people visit the page each day and how many people use the rss feed.

I only used this blog for a couple of weeks on my last time out in a school so I expect that perhaps a couple of students from Galvin Park are still reading from time to time. I also expect that when I go out to another school I’ll get some folk reading as I plan to use this space to provide extra information for lessons.

What is surprising is how many people check the feed here and now. It ranges from 10 to about 25 people each day which seems like a lot for my quiet little corner of the web. So if you feel like indulging me please leave a comment to say hello.

And, as a final note, I was also surpised to stumble on a photo of someone who looks quite a lot like me when looking for a photo about a visitor for this entry.

What If Google Was Wrong?

I notice there is a doco called Google – Behind the Screen on Cutting Edge next week.

I think Google is midly interesting in terms of how it came about and how such a simple search engine became basically the default. What is more interesting is what Google doesn’t do, either by choice or out of practicality. Looking closely at Google raises very real questions about how we treat information, copywrite, censorship and monopolies.

One of Google’s guiding ideas is “don’t be evil”. In practice this proves harder than I would have imagined.

I am not sure how many of these issues are covered in this documentary but I figure it’s worth a look anyway.

It runs for an hour at 8.30pm on Tuesday 4th July on SBS. More information here.

History Assignment (Year 11 & 10)

Women and work
Rosie the Riveter
Selected Writing about women in wartime
Rosie’s Wikipedia entry

Wikipedia entry on rationing
Australian War Memorial site on rationing

All these wonderful sites I linked to earlier.

Resistance Under Occupation
A few Wikipedia entries to start with
Resistance in WW2
Nancy Wake
Violette Szabo
Madelaine Damerment
Albert Guérisse
Gilbert Norman

As well as a wealth of information these entries have really good links to other sites at the bottom of the page.

Human Impact of War
I’ll put some links here later. Hopefully you guys can add some good ones in the comments.

Poster Children

Here are some links to help you Year Elevens with your assignment.

University of Texas index of propaganda posters.
Nazi Posters (German)
WWII Poster Collection at Northwestern University (American)
United Kingdom WWII
Weapons on the wall – UK WWII
British Propaganda Posters
Powers of persuasion – USA
WW2 Posters

Just a gentle reminder: this assignment is due on the 14th June.

And some late additons from Ryan. Thanks for these.

The Home Front Museum
Coast Guard Wives


It seems lots of teachers are getting the idea of using a blog to help them with their work and especially on services like edublogs. So much so that they are almost up to 10,000 blogs there. They are having a competition and my guess is that the 10,000th blog will be created on Friday 19th May at 4.32pm (GMT +11).

My guess is part maths and a big part guess work.

Anyhow I guess the point, aside from my greed, is that you will probably we seeing more blogs like this in the future and hopefully that’s a good thing all around.