Literature Circles Choices

Here are the books that you will have to choose from for term 4.

South End – ABC
Specky Magee & The Seasons of Champions
Stay Where You Are Then Leave
The Dogs of Winter
Two Wolves
Hero on a Bicycle
The Bleak Boy and the Hunter
My Father’s War
Boy in Striped Pyjamas (eBook)
Hilter’s Daughter (Maybe)

North End – DEF
Ned Kellys’ Secret
Nine Open Arms
Sky So Heavy
Boy in Striped Pyjamas (eBook)
Finding Cherokee Brown
Secret Army
Eagle Strike
Tomorrow When The War Began
Lies (Maybe)


Medieval Europe (c.590 – c.1500)
The way of life in Medieval Europe (social, cultural, economic and political features) and the roles and relationships of different groups in society (ACDSEH008)
Significant developments and/or cultural achievements, such as changing relations between Islam and the West (including the Crusades), architecture, medieval manuscripts and music (ACDSEH050)
Continuity and change in society in ONE of the following areas: crime and punishment; military and defence systems; towns, cities and commerce (ACDSEH051)
The dominance of the Catholic Church and the role of significant individuals such as Charlemagne (ACDSEH052)

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise: Learning

To help you with your last project, here is the list of the things we have done while learning about Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise.

Inquiry Project
Values worksheet and values and laws for your town
Decision making: sinking boat scenarios
Exploring subject pathways: with jobs circles
Decision making with PMI
Mental health: warning signs and things you can do to help
Alcohol and Your Brain
Job Investigation
Food Diary
Letter to Yourself